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How Do I get a Six Pack – and your Metabolism’s role in it.


What good is having six pack Abs if you can’t see them!? This is where your body’s metabolism comes into play. When your metabolism is working properly it is one of the most powerful forces for incinerating body fat naturally. When it is not working your body can become a junk yard for unwanted fat and toxins.

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 Choosing the best ab exercises

The other factor necessary to get a six pack is choosing the best ab exercises and ab workouts to develop your inner six pack. Simply put….the best ab exercises will develop your six pack abs. Maximizing your metabolism will burn off the extra belly fat that has been hiding your abs from the world!


Metabolism and Hormones

Ok, so how do you get your metabolism working so it will incinerate the belly fat and reveal your inner six-pack?

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The solution is very simple, but putting it into practice is where the challenge lies..Your hormones regulate your bodily functions…they tell your body how to feel and how to deal with various substances that you may put in it.

You wouldn’t fill the gas tank of a race car with sewer…or even the tank of a domestic car for that matter..



So why do people put that [email protected]#t in their bodies?  Things like soda pop, fast food, bread, sweets, preservatives, “health bars’ and excessive amounts of alcohol. If these “Franken foods” are the cornerstone to your diet then you have some cleaning up to do! Starting with eating healthy whole foods, with balanced meals spread throughout the day. Meals should include quality proteins, Carbohydrates via vegetable and fruit and a limited amount of healthy fats. And drink your water! If you have to open a package to get to your food, chances are it is not going to do you body much good.




best ab exercises, best ab workouts, best abdominal exercises, best abdominal workouts, six pack abs

The secrets to a lean, sexy waistline. http://www.100-best-ab-exercises.com

This is also very important in firing up your metabolism, specifically managing proper rest/recovery and stress levels will help play a large role in resetting your body’s hormonal function. Your body will repair physically and hormonally between the hours for 10pm and 2am. It is vital for hormonal restoration and metabolic function that you get as much REM sleep during these hours as possible. Getting to bed frequently after midnight will not cut it.


Stress Reduction

If something or someone is stressing you out.. (when possible) you need to deal with the source of that stress or it will continue to eat away at you. Easier said than done but ask any health care professional you know and they will tell you that many people that have found this out the hard way. Unfortunately many find out that they have put their bodies under too much stress……in the form of a heart attack!


Dealing with stress does not always have to be confrontational. Most of the time we have built something up in our minds to become so stressful when simple, respectful communication can solve many of life’s problems…..


In summary it does take a lot of courage to get off the sidelines and “get in the game” and take back control of your life. By doing so, you allow for your body to take back control over itself. Life balance and stress management will lead to a happy healthy metabolism and in turn, a happier, healthier (and longer) life for you!


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