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Hi Everyone, If you are interested in learning the best ab exercises that will flatten your stomach to help create the waistline that you have always wanted then this blog will be of interest to you! Other topics of discussion will includes health, diet, lifestyle and exercises programs and everything in between.

best ab exercises

Swiss ball crunches are one of the best ab exercises in it’s category because of the full range of motion for the muscles.

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Pepe and I have been a fitness trainer in Vancouver for almost 15 years. during this time I have had the opportunity to grow my knowledge base from many courses and certifications as well as my training experience “in the trenches” with several 100’s of clients. My business partner Craig and I have created a new website called 100-best-ab-exercises.com. Check it out…we have featured 100+ FREE videos of the best ab exercises that will flatten you stomach.

This site is a culmination of our combined 25+ years experience in the fitness industry. The purpose of this blog to connect, exchange ideas and educate other health minded individuals and those who would like to learn how to enhance their quality of life with health and fitness. Check us out @ www.100-best-ab-exercises.com and let me know what you think!

Ok let’s start with an introduction to one of the most under-utilized best abdominal exercises that is a great stomach flattener (VIDEO BELOW). Yes this is one of the best ab exercise to actually FLATTEN your stomach..how you ask? Well you have a group of intrinsic abdominal muscles called the “Inner Unit” or “IU” that consist of four muscle groups that form a “cylinder” of muscles in your core.

The IU is very important as it provides strength, balance and stability for your body on all planes of motion. These muscles are made up of the following: Transverse Abdominals, Multifidus, Diaphragm, and Pelvic floor. Generally the best ab exercises will have at least some focus on these muscles.

Ok you might be thinking “Science..Blah, blah…how will working these muscles going to help me look better?!” Well as this muscle group becomes more active and better conditioned these muscles will actually draw your stomach in, creating a flatter stomach as opposed to a saggy or bulging belly.

I’m sure you seen someone with a beer belly before..well that is the result of a weak inner IU that cannot hold in the organs and visceral fat (fat around the organs) properly. Now don’t get me wrong you can’t just work these IU muscles and still drink endless beers and destroy large pizzas in a single bound. There are other diet and lifestyle factors that need to come into play as well, and this blog will be a continued source of education for those topics in coming weeks. Check out this ab exercise video featuring one of the best ab exercises for IU.. “The Deadbug”


Thanks for reading! Yours in Health&Fitness, Pepe

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