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A quick bit of info about the guys behind We are two personal trainers from Vancouver that have been helping people with their fat loss and weight loss goals for over 12 years. What we have found through working with hundreds of clients is that people often make a change to their exercise and nutrition program, but that is not enough for them to see results.. We know if you are not seeing results such as: tighter abs, slimmer waist, more energy and feeling great- you may give up altogether. It is our goal to help change your life and support you in reaching your health/fitness goals, that is the entire reason we got into this business. We charge over $100 an hour for a one on one personal training session so we need to deliver the goods or we would not have been able to grow our personal training business 10 fold over the past 12 years.  Getting results is what we do! let’s face it most people don’t work out for the fun of it. (Although many people end up enjoying it once they see the real benefits) We have developed this complete training program because wanted to be able to help more people have the body that the deserve. We realize paying over $100 per hour is not an affordable option for everyone, so we started a website and created a complete fitness product so we could reach people worldwide who wanted to change their life.

So here are the five mistakes that you are making right now that are stopping you from having the slim, sexy waistline and tight abs you have always wanted.


#1 YOUR DIET – If it was not around 100 years ago do not eat it!

There is much confusion and conflicting information based around what you should and should not eat.  This can make it very difficult for someone trying to decipher which information is useful and which is useless, and what to do and in which combination!?

Best Ab Exercises


**Illustration provided by the Chek Institute**


There are foods that encourage fat burning and there are those that encourage fat storage. Many of the new supplements, pills or cleanses will actually cause your body to gain fat. Your meal timing must be right, feeding the body every 3-4 hours allows the metabolism to burn calories like a furnace. Long periods of not eating the right foods will send your body into “Starvation mode”, a survival mode which causes the body to store extra body fat for a “rainy day”….or unfortunately for that sunny day at the beach. The right balance of nutrients must be present (Protein, Carbs and Fats) Yes I said FATS. Eating the right fats in the right proportions actually stimulate fat burning! Consuming the right amount of lean, healthy proteins will also keep your body incinerating fat stores as well. The right type of carbs will make or break your eating plan. The best ones are those that increase fat burning and provide mountains of nutrients. There are those that spike your body’s blood sugar levels and cause hormone imbalances resulting in fat storage, which of course you will want to avoid.

Try and choose Certified Organic/Organic, hormone free and free-range foods over non-organic. Organic foods can have up to five times the nutrients and health benefits of their commercial relatives. Organic foods are also absent of pesticides and Certified Organic foods are not permitted to be genetically modified.

There are foods that you want to avoid like the plague, processed foods full of salt and sugars. These foods overload the liver, which is responsible for detoxifying the body and regulating your body’s metabolism. So, not only do these bad foods add to your fat storage, they also slow down the liver’s ability to rid itself of existing stored bodyfat.


#2 Your Exercise Program


Aerobic vs Anerobic

Too much of the wrong type of exercise can elevate cortisol levels actually making you store fat instead of burn it, wasting your valuable time and robbing you of results like lengthy low intensity cardio sessions.


You need to be doing Anerobic Interval Training! This alternating training technique, has existed for decades, studies continue to confirm that it can dramatically improve cardiovascular fitness and the body’s fat-burning capabilities. This involves a short intense “Work” phase followed by a “Rest” phase, the ratios start out based on your individual fitness level. This format is repeated for a set length of time depending on fitness goals and your capabilities.

Anaerobic exercise, short bursts of high-intensity exercise less than 2 minutes in length, produces an effect called Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). EPOC is also known as “after burn”. Studies have shown that EPOC raises your metabolic rate, so you burn substantially more calories while the body is at rest, for up to 36 hours. EPOC effects can increase your metabolism as much 14% and fade as low as 4% over time. The the byproduct of a sustained elevated metabolism….will be a lean sexy waistline for you.

Include Metabolic Conditioning

So what does metabolic conditioning entail? The answer is not so simple but essentially it involves compound movements in a circuit-style workout format at a high tempo, which utilizes all energy systems (aerobic and anaerobic). It affects the body on a hormonal level and the workouts are generally “short and sweet” leaving your body in a state of “metabolic chaos” where a lot of stored energy will be consumed in upcoming days for the body’s recovery. (EPOC)

If your goal is a lean sexy waistine then you will want to be doing some form of consistent, progressive interval training and metabolic conditioning in your program as well as the right combination of Ab exercises to flatten your stomach and reveal that inner six pack.


#3 Your Hormones

In order to burn fat your body’s hormones need to be balanced. Too much of one hormone or too little of another and your body will not burn fat no matter how much you exercise or diet. Insulin, Cortisol, HGH are all affected by your exercise program, nutrition and lifestyle.


Red Line – Cortisol

Blue Line – Growth Hormone


**Illustration provided by the Chek Institute**

You need to learn how to get these hormones working for your fat loss goals not working against you.


Cortisol and Growth Hormone

 Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for providing your body with energy. Cortisol levels in a healthy person will peak in the morning and start to subside by mid afternoon. At this point growth hormone takes over and provides repair and rejuvenation within the body. Now this is how the body was meant to function, but one of the biggest problems for people in our society today is that their Cortisol levels do not go down during the day. In many overweight people, cortisol levels stay “redlined” throughout the day. This can be the byproduct of different types of stress, lack of sleep, artificial light (Computers and TV) and artificial stimulants like Caffeine, sugars and alcohol.  The result of these prolonged high levels of cortisol can be any or all of the following: Weight gain, depression, low energy, loss of muscle tissue, slow metabolism, and can lead to more serious conditions such as Fibromyalgia.

If Cortisol levels are high, then Growth Hormone levels in the body are likely low which leads to fat storage, limited recovery for your body and higher levels of insulin in the body. High levels of insulin will further cause the body to store calories as body fat.


Insulin resistance and Fat Storage

 Insulin resistance creates increased levels of insulin and glucose in the blood stream, which is a major underlying cause of excess weight and obesity and their links to several other major disorders such as cardiovascular disease, which can lead to diabetes, heart attack or stroke.

If you are trying to achieve a nice lean sexy waistline then these hormones imbalances will work against you making it nearly impossible to achieve your goals!


#4 Your Lifestyle


Sleep, Stimulants, Stress levels and Alcohol all affect your body and its ability to burn fat.


Your lifestyle is extremely important when it comes to getting the most out of your exercise and nutrition efforts. Your body regulates your levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone and growth hormone, which is a repair hormone. In summary your cortisol level should be higher in the morning after waking and proceed to get lower throughout the day. It should hit its lowest point as you sleep. Your growth hormone levels follow the opposite pattern starting low in the day and increasing at night to help you repair. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lifestyle choices that people make that can affect this natural cycle. Caffeine increases your cortisol levels, which affect your sleep and the amount of growth hormone released. So not only are you not repairing properly which leaves you exhausted but high levels of cortisol increases fat storage in your body. The same goes for alcohol. Alcohol has been shown to lower your growth hormone production by not allowing you to fall into as deep of a sleep. Stress and how you deal with it also affects your cortisol levels, which in turn can be causing your body to store more excess fat. For many people who have tried to make a change in their physique and so far have failed, lifestyle is the missing link. You make changes to your diet and exercise routines but no changes to your lifestyle. Usually what can happen is that you see little results from your efforts because you have not allowed your body’s hormones to regulate properly due to poor lifestyle choices.  You see little progress towards the results you wanted so you stop exercising and fall off your nutrition program. This rollercoaster can be avoided if you align lifestyle changes at the same time as starting your nutrition and exercise routine to maximize your energy levels and results.


#5 Your  Metabolism


Metabolism regulates the amount of calories that your body burns, the faster your metabolism the less body fat you will likely carry on your body. The reverse it also true, the slower the metabolism the more excess body fat you will likely carry .

For a simple analogy you can think of your metabolism as a Furnace. The furnace is affected by the amount of muscle you have on your body, your nutrition plan as well as your activity levels and rest.  If your metabolism is too slow and not burning off stored calories, your body is slowly gaining fat as opposed to burning it daily.  You need to harness the power of your natural fat burning furnace and get your body burning fat while you are at work, even while you are resting on the couch. Simple tweaks to your nutrition, lifestyle and exercise program will make the difference between your metabolism working FOR you and not AGAINST you.

One example is when you exercise….let’s look at affect of adding in some exercise in the morning . If you performed ONE simple 20 minute session of high intensity interval training which has been proven to increase your metabolism by 4-14% for up to 36 hours after the session. In this example we will use a 10% boost in metabolism from the 20 minute session for the rest of the day. Our sample subject: a 140 pound woman with 20% body fat would have an approximate daily base metabolic rate of 1400 cal. So if she did an the 20 Minute interval training session in the morning she would burn calories around 220 calories during that session plus an extra 140 calories during that day due to her elevated metabolism.


There are 3600 calories in a pound of fat so she would lose almost an EXTRA pound per month or 11.2 pounds per year (140×6 x4 x12= / 3600= 11.2) just from a boost metabolic activity from that ONE SESSION per week (plus 1.5 lbs per month from the activity for another 17.6 lbs per year). If you combine this with a sound nutrition program your body will also be burning these calories from stored fat instead of circulating blood sugar. Literally, you will be getting your furnace to automatically melt away your excess bodyfat while you are at work, watching TV, doing your chores, visiting friends and even sleeping.


*Just a note that these figures are for weigh loss from exercise, you may also lose water weight when losing weight, especially on an anti-inflammatory diet. Inflammation results in water retention, so reducing or eliminating inflammatory foods will result in rapid weight loss from water retention and less bloating.


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