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Road to flat stomach and 5 simple rules you must follow to get there


Road to flat stomach and 5 simple rules you must follow to get thereIf you are already a couple of years diligently struggled with crunches, and besides you can not get rid of a flabby stomach, not blame your genes – blame your approach. If you follow the following 5 simple rules you will finally achieve the full strength of your abdominal muscles.

Most of us do not pay too much attention to the excess fat that hangs from the waist us: after all, can not wear clothes that shapes our body differently. On the beach the possibility of waste.


Painful sentence is that the area around his waist one of the most difficult fasteners. Therefore, women who regularly engage in recreation often can not carve your abdominal muscles. Fortunately, with the help of experts developed a complete plan for flattening the stomach. He is not only very efficient, but it is much simpler than strenuous exercises for stomach with which you struggled so far.

Rule no. 1: Target your hidden central muscles

Crunches affect only the outer muscles and are therefore not the most efficient way to consolidate your stomach. According to research at the University of Virginia, you should do about 250 000 crunches to burn a pound of fat. That would mean 100 sit-ups every day, seven whole years. The key is to focus on the muscles that are under the skin: your transverse abdominal muscles, multifidis the inside of the abdominal muscles. By strengthening these muscles pull your belly upward, like a corset, because the area around the waist looks flat and tight. Valerie Waters, personal trainer stars such as Jennifer Garner and Elizabeth Berkeley says that in most women these muscles are weak, and that most of us do not know how to use them.


For fixing these muscle groups Walters advised the following exercise: Lie on your back and place your palms slightly below the navel. Exhale and let the stomach as it can spread. Then we focus on pushing your belly button toward your spine so that you attract your belly toward the floor. Hold for 5 seconds. Also to repeat 8 to 10 times.

Rule no. 2: Attach your ass

Your buttocks and your stomach are connected. Too much sitting for prolonged periods can cause the anal muscles become virtually unusable and therefore the muscles that connect your hips with your feet harden. This combination tilts your pelvis forward to, which causes pain in your back and spine burdens. Aesthetically speaking, your belly protuberant part forward, which is why it looks relatively flat stomach bulging. For a nice stomach pays to do exercises to strengthen the buttocks.


For solid lateral flexors recommend the following exercise: in a low starting position so as to lower the rear knee drop to the floor. Throw your hips forward, back straight, and feel the tension side muscle. Hold for 10 seconds, rest and repeat. Switch legs. You can do more to stretch if you raise your arms above your head.


Rule no. 3: Eat foods for a flat stomachEat healthy food for flat stomach

Abdominal muscles can not see because they were buried under a layer of fat. Expose them to respect the following simple dietary rules:


– Increase protein intake: if carbohydrates replace meat, fish, dairy products or nuts, the amount of fat around your waist will shrink. Scientists at McMaster University in Canada studied the dietary habits of 617 people and found that those who replaced the same amount of carbohydrates, proteins reduce the amount of fat around the waist. At the same time do not forget the diet by blood groups.


– Cut out the extra sugar: the average American (not others, unfortunately, are not far) consume about 20 teaspoons of sugar a day! Most in the form of processed food in the form of drinks, pastries, morning cereal, fruit drinks or even yogurt. It is approximately 325 unnecessary calories a day. All that sugar increases insulin production, which slows metabolism.

– Do not be afraid of fat: Research shows that even a child containing 50% fat equally effective for losing weight as well as those with a small amount thereof. Fats provide a feeling of fullness and added flavor meal, thus avoiding the feeling of being deprived of something. Such a child is therefore easier to comply. Eat foods rich in monounsaturated acids such as olive oil, nuts and avocados. Research has shown that even without difficulty we can enjoy in that food containing unsaturated fats, including milk, cheese and butter – of course, in moderation.


– Overcome rants: no matter how much you lose belly fat or how hard your muscles in a bathing suit is not a nice feeling when you bothering rants. Your belly swells easily drink with added carbon, and even certain types of healthy foods such as beans and broccoli.

Rule no. 4: Stop the burden

Your money, your relatives, your endless list of activities … We all know that life is not easy. Concerns among other things, can cause excessive secretion of cortisol, a hormone that stimulates the body to retain fat – especially in the stomach area. According to the findings of scientists from Yale University, your belt is four times more susceptible to stress caused by feeding fat than any other part of the body. Try to avoid stress short breaks from work every 90 minutes. Focusing on breathing and relaxing your body acts as if it recalibrates.


Stress sabotaging your abdominal muscles in another way: when we are tense rather reach for calorie foods. To avoid frequent opening boxes of cakes, keep it out of reach. In one study, participants who had to walk two hundred meters to take sweets ate up the seven sugar units smaller than those in which the vessel was close to their table.

Rule No. 5: The abdominal muscles exercise less oftenRoad to flat stomach and 5 simple rules you must follow to get there

Shorten your grueling training schedule. For optimal results, you need to exercise your abs only 3 times a week. Daily repetition of a large number of sit-ups will not help you to become a flat stomach before. The results you will see if your muscles give occasional day of rest to fully recover. Overloading of your muscles during exercise and tissue manner is because it takes time to rest, to relax and regenerate muscles. In addition, it is enough to repeat each exercise 15 to 20 times. If the number of repetitions is not a problem, it’s time for the more difficult exercises.


If you have a hard abdominal muscles important to you, sit-ups move to the top of your training. A large number of people leaving the exercises for the stomach to the end of the training – then, when we become sloppy or we lack the time or energy. The effect is much better if you do it first, before you move on to cardio. To make your stomach look great, you need to become a priority. And it will pay off.

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