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(*Includes 100+ videos of the Best Ab Exercises for a flat stomach)

I’m a fit Personal Trainer and I lost 14 lbs and 3 inches off my waistline in 28 days while testing out this new 360 Degree Abs training program that we created using only the best ab exercises and best ab workouts for flattening your stomach. Let me share with you how I did it.

Are you are ready to rapidly melt away that belly fat and reveal the carved midsection that lies underneath?

Perhaps you are one of those many people who have tried to lose belly fat in the past and have fallen short of your end goal. You may have been inundated with information (much of it conflicting):  Perhaps you have been told that you need to take supplements, buy expensive exercise equipment, exercise for endless hours, eat a restrictive “Low Fat” or “Low Carb” or other fad diet, or take some diet pills. None of these methods are a good solution, and they can actually be part of the problem!

You may have put in countless hours in the gym without seeing any substantial reduction in your belly fat. Maybe you are close to giving up hope. Lack of progress is the number one reason why people stop their exercise/fitness routines. You probably know people who are always doing some restrictive cleanse where they are drinking juice, maple syrup water or something weird for days on end. Sure these people drop a few pounds of “water weight” quickly but do these people ever keep the weight off..or do they gain the weight back along with a few extra pounds of fat? Maybe you have tried the “latest and greatest” workout program, and despite seeing some results you found the program too time consuming to maintain or it had no nutrition support for the exercises….so you lost motivation and interest.

Are You Confused? It Is Not Your Fault!

With all the mass confusion that exists around fat loss, exercise and nutrition…we don’t blame you!

Low calorie diets and extended cardio sessions can cause your body to release cortisol, which is a FAT storage hormone! There are a lot of fad diets that do not address the reduction of inflammation and bloating. These diets may be causing the problem by relying on foods and supplements that are actually causing you inflammation and bloating.

The supplement/diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. They spend millions of dollars in advertising each month to entice you into buying their latest fad products and supplements….

What they don’t tell you is that without proper nutrition and exercise you are wasting your time and money.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

What is the secret that allows some people to be lean and sculpted while others are stuck with excess baggage…it is not fair.

Well we have news for you… is not fair, but it does reward those who take action to help themselves…

If you just have found our website then you are likely looking to make a positive change in your health and fitness or you are looking for the best ab exercises and best ab workouts to get fast results.

Let’s face it EVERYONE would look better and be healthier if they could, if there was a magic pill that you could take to accomplish this we are sure it would be the best selling drug ever.

ABS Training System

(*Includes 100+ videos of the Best Ab Exercises for a flat stomach)

Now, we have some good news and some bad news….

The good news is that our program will reveal the tools that you need to achieve FAT loss and a lean, sexy waistline in the most time efficient way possible and keep it off!

You probably know what the bad news is….There is no magic pill and it’s doubtful there ever will be one that will allow you to strip off the fat in the long term AND allow you to still be healthy without side effects.

Why is it that some people can eat whatever they want and still have a stomach that you could wash your clothes on?…Genetics?…. Well, take a look at a picture of almost anyone’s great grand-parents..and unless they were Royalty it is highly unlikely that they were carrying around a spare tire.

So that kills the “genetics excuse”.

…so if it is not genetics, then we are all on a level playing field… right?

Well sort of…..there is one more thing that you need to have in order to succeed… and that is the Right Information.

Finding The Right Information

Now speaking from personal experience, before I discovered the right information, I too have made many mistakes!. As I mentioned in the video, in 2009 I was a personal trainer working out 4-6 times per week in the gym. In addition to that I did 20+ hours per week of cardio training for Iron Man Canada. I was still pretty lean but STILL did not have a six-pack! My body was holding on to that last bit of belly fat despite all my training efforts.

So..what did I learn from this experience? Well, obviously I learned that you can get fit enough to complete a 12-17 hour race but,that this was not necessarily going to get rid of the belly fat around my midsection…so what was it that I was missing?

This question led us to develop the complete nutrition and lifestyle program that includes all the best Ab exercises, a nutrition/lifestyle program, and a Interval based Metabolic Cardio training program which takes into account all the factors necessary to have and maintain a lean sexy waistline.

I had seen decent results when using individual elements of this program in the past, but when I combined and followed all the elements, there was a synergistic effect and 14 lbs came off of my 172 pound frame in 28 days. All this with no calorie restrictions. I simply followed the program as prescribed and I did not perform more than 30 min per day of Cardio exercise. I was astonished considering I was previously doing 20+ hours per week when training for my iron man.

Failing sometimes a good thing!. All of the things that I did wrong have eventually led me to find the answers by way by experimentation and the process of elimination.

Best AB Exercises and Workouts

(*Includes 100+ videos of the Best Ab Exercises for a flat stomach)

Knowledge Is Power

Halting and Reversing the accumulation of body FAT is very controllable if you are aware of what is causing this excess baggage in the form of belly fat.

For starters here are 5 key areas where most people make big mistakes when trying to get that lean trim waistline…

  1. Your Diet (or nutrition strategy) this could be causing inflammation. Many foods we are told are healthy actually cause you to retain water and gain fat. Learn what foods to avoid and which ones help you burn fat. Infrequent and /or unbalanced meals can cause your body to store go into starvation mode and store fat  instead of having a metabolism that burns fat 24/7.
  2. Your Exercise Program– too much of the wrong  type of exercise can elevate cortisol levels actually making you store fat instead of burn it. This wastes your valuable time and will rob you of results.  Also, most people are doing the wrong exercises for flattening the stomach and tightening the waistline. Learn the most productive exercise program for burning fat and the best ab exercises for flattening your stomach. Stop wasting your time with out-dated Ab routines and long tedious workouts.
  3. Your Hormones– these need to be balanced to for your body to burn fat. Too much of one hormone or too little of another and you will not burn fat no matter how much you exercise or diet. Insulin, Cortisol, HGH are all affected by your exercise program, nutrition and lifestyle. You need to learn how to get these hormones working towards your fat loss goals and not working against you.
  4. Your Lifestyle– sleep, stimulants, stress levels and alcohol all affect your body and its ability to burn fat. Learn how simple changes can prevent your lifestyle from working against your goals.
  5. Your Metabolism this may be too slow and not burning off stored calories. As time passes, most people are slowly accumulating fat as opposed to burning it off daily. You need to harness the power of your natural fat burning furnace and get your body burning fat, even while you are resting on the couch. Simple tweaks to your nutrition, lifestyle and exercise program will make the difference between your metabolism working for your rather than against you.

To learn more……

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The Solution

Let us teach you from our experience what you need “to do”…and “not do” in order to get that washboard stomach.

Our program 360 Degree Abs Program, compiles the best Ab exercises which are designed specifically to flatten your stomach, rapidly increase abdominal muscle tone and reveal your inner six pack. The 360 Degree Abs program is complimented by our specialized nutrition/lifestyle program. This 21 Day Fat Flush Handbook will reduce inflammation, water retention and bloating and help your body recover hormonally so you are able burn fat rapidly!

Lastly The Fat Furnace Metabolic Interval Program, which consists of a variety of short time-efficient workouts (25 min. or less) that will boost your metabolism and decrease your waistline without increasing your body’s cortisol levels!

The Complete 360 Degree Abs training system consists of the 360 Degree Ab programs Levels 1-4, the 21 day Fat Flush Handbook and the Fat Furnace Metabolic Interval program. It also includes with a 28 day step by step guide that instructs you what actions you need to take on each day; workouts, shopping, preparing grocery lists, food prep etc…

No one likes being told what to do, but if you understand the “WHAT?” and the “WHY?” then you will be more likely to do the “DO”

If you are ready to unleash your inner six-pack and reveal the lean, sexy abdomen that you have been looking for…then follow the link below and get started NOW!

(includes 100+ videos of the Best Ab Exercises for a flat stomach)

Why Should You Listen To Us?

We are two personal trainers who have developed this complete training system based on the best Ab exercises that have helped 1000’s of our clients obtain their goals for FAT loss and a toned midsection. Now we would like to share them with you! We have gained our knowledge through personal trial and error and over 25 years of collective experience as well as in continued education and research in the areas of health and fat loss. We would like to add you to our list of satisfied clients who have achieved FAT loss that resulted in a lean, toned midsection.

(*Includes 100+ videos of the Best Ab Exercises for a flat stomach)

Take a look at the Before and After pictures of our Beta Test group for the 360 Degree Abs Program, these people/clients only did the program for only 21 days…The vast majority of these participants were already exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy before starting the program, but the results were still quite substantial for most. We recruited primarily active people with healthy lifestyles for the Beta Test to show how quickly this program can produce results. The 360 Degree Abs Program will produce even more dramatic results for someone who does not exercise regularly or someone who has not exercised in awhile…..Imagine the results after 90 days!

Real Life Testimonials

Shira’s Journey Before and After

Shira’s Journey

21 Days later Shira lost 1 pound, 5 cms from her waist (2 inches) and 34 mm in a 3 spot body fat caliper test.

 Reta's Journey Before and After

Reta’s Journey

Lost .5 cm 16 mm and 3.2 lbs in first 21 days and carried on for 90 days and looks great
I have tried several other programs before with mixed results, and I can tell you that the 21 Day Fat Flush has been the most effective program to date. I have made it a part of my lifestyle and with the compliments I have received….I never want to stop! I can see my abs and I didn’t have to starve myself..I did it and so can you!

Nina's Journey before and after

Nina’s Journey

Lost 3 cm waist 23 mm and 2.2lbs
I was a little skeptical before I first tried the 21 Day Fat Flush program. But once I got started, I was surprised at how at how easy it was to make the lifestyle changes and most importantly, how quickly I lost inches off my waistline! My friends tell me I look 5 years younger!

Results may vary from person to person.

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